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Savvy Builder / March 2022

Matthew Mabery graduated from Fredericksburg High School in 1993 and was drawn to the construction industry with framing as his trade. In 1995 he became an independent contractor and began doing several remodeling jobs as well as framing up area hotels such as Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, etc.

During his early years Mabery bought a few lots and built a few specs along with his custom homes. His success in hotel construction, however, didn’t go unnoticed and he started getting larger jobs further away from Fredericksburg. While the business was good, his work kept Matthew away from his growing family. Mabery decided to pull back the reigns and concentrate on construction work that would allow him to have dinner with his wife and children each night.

While building a custom home in the Stone Ridge development for a golf pro in 2006, Mabery was introduced to a landowner at Boot Ranch. He soon began working with the developers of Boot Ranch as a preferred builder. And just like that he was off and running building custom homes in the most exclusive development around Fredericksburg. To date there have been approximately 80 homes completed in Boot Ranch, with Mabery responsible for nearly half of them.

“I’ve been in construction for 29 years, and have operated my own business for 26 years,” says Matthew. “I’ve always been passionate about starting with nothing and ending up with something that everyone is proud of, just like my own personal career.  I also find it rewarding to surpass people’s expectations.”


Today, Matthew, his wife Melissa, and three of their five children live in Boot Ranch in a home he started out building as a spec. By the time it was finished, there were already multiple suiters. But Matthew and Melissa had fallen in love with the house and wanted it for their family. Now all his clients are his neighbors too.

Mabery doesn’t often competitively bid for work and has a lot to say about who he chooses to work for. “The most important aspect of finding the right client is making sure we are a compatible match, and we have the same vision. Our team brings integrity and incredible craftmanship.” He adds, “I pour my heart and soul into my projects. I need it to be for the right client.”


“I’ve been doing this job for nearly 30 years. We bring a lot of experience and value to each project. We have our own in-house framing crew and trim carpenters. I still do material take offs internally, which helps me know the house inside and out.”

Before the foundation is poured, Matthew spends time with his clients on the site of the build. He goes over what they can expect to see and feel from all angles of the house.  “The siting of the house is very important, and I give a lot of thought to that.  My experience has taught me a lot and I feel that allows me to help the homeowner by talking through the selections and decisions that are made in the early stages. It’s important that they see themselves having morning coffee here or seeing the sunset from there. It’s critical to the success of the project and the long term enjoyability of the house to get it positioned just right on the property.”

As with other custom builders, Mabery is seeing more people interested in enhancing their outdoor living experience, so it seamlessly feels like an extension of the indoor space. And of course, there’s technology. Some of his clients are going all out with smart systems, adding lighting controls, wireless audio systems, etc.

Most of Mabery’s subs, suppliers and tradesmen have been with him for 10 or more years… a very loyal crew who often work together as a team with seasoned familiarity with each other. Here’s what some of them said:

“Matthew and his crew are very, very detailed oriented. They don’t ever cut corners. He’s a quality builder and one of the best in this area.”    Derrick Samford  –  MG Building Materials

“It’s easy to work with their team. Mike is a great superintendent. And the way they prioritize and coordinate sections of each job is very helpful o use, and to other crews. Most of the subs he uses are the same ones so we all work well together, and know what to expect.”   
Vince Condra  –  Enchanted Rock Granite Fabricators

“His subs are always consistent.  Mike, Tim and the office crew are very accessible, as is Matthew. We appreciate his professionalism in that he always pays on time.”   
Steve Briggs  –  CSI Cabinets

“They do excellent work for high end clients. And to see them put our handcrafted doors on these beautiful luxury homes is very rewarding, knowing that they don’t skimp on quality.”    Trey Hampton  –  The Front Door Company

“Matthew takes time with each homebuyer and guides them through the right selections and best options for them. What we appreciate is that he encourages his clients to come by and visit our showroom, early on in the process. He gets his clients engaged early on, and stays with them.”   Wally Overly  –  Hill Country Propane

“His details stand out to me. Matthew is on top of his jobs and is always around the job site. Mike and the rest of the crew are easy to work with. Matthew has an exceptional eye for detail. Nothing gets past him.” Rick Weirich  –  Quantech Audio/Visual LLC


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